Work Hard, Play hard — Whats Next for BiShares

New Fund Releasing

BiShares Chain Fund
BiShares DEX teaser

Protocol Fees Explained

Now that the platform (app) is live and users have been minting the first 2 tokens of our dETFs, it’s time to dive into the platform fees and how they work.

DAO Update:

The DAO framework is still in process. The Founders feel that speed of decision making and dev resources should be pointed toward finalizing partnerships and rolling out funds as quickly as possible. The DAO will be released, but is delayed for now and will be placed in the new roadmap in a timely manner to satisfy all stakeholders.

Marketing Update:

On the marketing side, we will be spending heavily in the $30,000 range in the next 3 weeks. We have acquired marketing from DappRadar, BSC News and CoinTelegraph to help us spread the fund drops and updates.

BiShares dETFs



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BiShares is a multi-chain project which offers decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETF’s) for safe crypto diversification