Wanaka and BiShares Fomo Fund

3 min readOct 16, 2021


Wanaka BiShares

Buckle up herd! The FOMO Fund is taking off for a grand adventure to the South Island in New Zealand! Get ready for some relaxing farming in the small town of Wanaka. Full of gorgeous, natural beauty, stunning landforms, and bounties of opportunity for building your assets, we’re certain you’ll love it here. No need to deal with long flights, packing, and COVID travel restrictions here though, the FOMO Fund is taking you straight to Wanaka through the decentralized world!

Wanaka Farm is a uniquely relaxing experience that targets a wide-array of players who are in need of a peaceful outlet that includes some excellent earning potential. What’s the premise exactly? Players essentially immerse themselves into this digital oasis as farmers by cultivating land, farming crops, breeding different animals, and designing and decorating their own virtual lands. Wanaka is designed to give each user a unique and personalized experience between the character design as well as the environment design.

Now how about the financial side of things? All in-game items created are the users’ assets which can be traded freely within the marketplace, organically building a real economy within the game.

Once a profile is created, players can purchase different lands through Wanaka’s in-game Marketplace as well as multi-marketplaces such as Mochi.Market and Binanace NFT. Once the land NFT is purchased, the creative potential is endless! Users can purchase an array of items to start building, cultivating, and decorating: houses, lakes, decorations, pets, plants, and so much more!

On top of having the opportunity to earn through marketplace sales, Wanaka Farm offers several other options for gains such as completing quests, participating in competitions, staking their native token (WANA), contributing to the governance DAO, and lucky lotto rewards.

Wanaka Farm’s vision goes well beyond its current lay of the land. In fact, Wanaka’s team is working towards AR (Augmented Reality)/VR (Virtual Reality) technology to enhance the sensory experience and completely immerse players into this lush, relaxing world. With several upgrades already in the works, Wanaka Farm is dedicated to making an authentic experience of complete zentitude.

Wanaka Farm has its own utility token called WANA. There is a total supply of 500 million tokens. 12.5 million of the supply has been allocated to public sale with 27.5 going to private sale. 30 million tokens were allocated to strategic partnerships, 100 million to the team and advisors, 50 million to staking rewards, 50 million to the community and marketing. Additionally, 95 million has gone to reserves, 125 million to play-to-earn rewards, and 10 million to DEX liquidity.

The Wanaka Farm Token, WANA is currently listed at $2.42. WANA hit its All-Time High on September 23, reaching $6.28. It’s All-Time Low was on September 1, listed at about $0.72.

The Wanaka team has broken down their use of funds as 55% for development, 15% to ecosystem growth, 10% to operational expenses, and 20% to liquidity and exchanges.

The goal of Wanaka is quite simple. In fact, the platform breaks it down into two pillars:

  1. Immerse players into a relaxed, zen playing environment.
  2. Provide a revenue stream for all players.

We like it. Simple, relaxing, and financially beneficial.

Wanaka Farm was created by a team of developers primarily based in Vietnam. With extensive experience within blockchain, 3D design, IT, engineering, marketing, and beyond, this well-rounded team has developed a beautiful and welcome platform for so many kinds of users.

Jump on into the FOMO Fund and take your trip to Wanaka Farm. This project is sure to calm your spirits all while expanding your wallets. Happy farming folks!




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