TosDis an all-in-one DeFi protocol

3 min readNov 3, 2021


A new day calls for a new surge of FOMO! You know how much we love a one-stop-shop kind of protocol in the decentralized world. Nothing quite tickles that crypto fancy quite like an effective platform offering multiple services under one umbrella. TosDis is just that! In fact, its name stands for it! TosDis: “The One Stop DeFi Interoperable Solution”

TosDis is a decentralized savings protocol that offers a variety of white label DeFi products. What exactly does this platform have to entice you? Staking-as-a-service, liquid staking, yield farming, peer to peer lending and borrowing and an advanced low-fee DEX.

TosDis has placed great emphasis on creating a strong, tight-knit community where feedback is essential to successful development, production and use. The governance only furthers this.

TosDis looks at the decentralized world as the best possible thing since the Internet, or at least that’s how it should be. Instead, it’s been broken up into thousands of different platforms that cannot talk to one another, can’t work together. They see the need to unify the blockchain sphere.

TosDis has built upon Ethererum’s principles of open source and decentralization to build an interoperable platform across chains and remove barriers to mass adoption. TosDis is paving the way to an interconnected blockchain environment.

As the DeFi sector moves closer to a Proof-of-Stake method, interest in stake in crypto is quickly growing. “TosDis has built a next-generation, white-label decentralized solution engineered for cross-chain transfers and liquid staking.” With staking as a service, liquid staking and yield farming as a service, the TosDis Easystake protocol provides a complete range of DeFi savings opportunities within the market.

TosDis is backed by a deflationary token that is used for a small fee while utilizing the platform’s staking services. A set percentage of the token will be burned from the fee every single time until 50% of the TosDis token supply is burned.

The TosDis token, known as DIS, is currently listed at $55.95. At present, there are 54,948 tokens in circulation, with a total supply of 99,860 DIS. The market cap is currently at $3,069,511.

35% of the DIS token has been allocated to auction, 10% to the foundation, 9% to marketing, 1% to advisors, 5% allocation to UniSwap and exchange listing and 40% to rewards.

DIS rewards are earned through several options such as staking rewards, yield farming, liquidity mining, lending protocol rewards and DAO allocation. This deflationary token is extremely rewarding for users.

The TosDis platform is headed by CEO Mamoon Yousaf from the UAE. He’s had countless years of experience and connections within the global business sphere. Yousaf states, “I would say Decentralized Finance is the future, and I have been a silent investor of many successful crypto projects since 2015. Crypto is an emerging market where I see much potential from a business point of view, and TosDis is my part to play in the world of DeFi.” We couldn’t agree more with DeFi as the future of the business world!

TosDis is yet another amazing project within the FOMO Fund. With a bounty of options of savings all under one protocol, we see great things in the future for TosDis!




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