The Ape has been released
BiShares Roadmap updated

Our first major fund has launched today — the APESWAP Fund, with its underlying tokens in order of weighting:

BANANA — 35%
BISON — 11%
HIFI — 11%

We were honored to see $BISON have an 11% weighting and to be a part of this historical milestone for both teams. It’s good to get the first major partner fund launched, the BiShares team will be working hard over the next 21 days to deliver many more dETFs to diversify with.

We now want to go over our Roadmap in detail

As you all know, the BSC TOP 10, ticker biT10 beta was launched — this gave us an opportunity to showcase a relatively stable fund which got everyone used to how we work. Although it came with problems along the way, our upcoming developments and timely execution should put our ‘2-hour’ meme behind us.

Moving forward, we have launched two funds BSC TOP 10 & APESWAP, and are looking at the future for massive growth in both dETFs options and TVL.

Our next milestone, so that all parties are aligned, will be the release of our farms this weekend. Details on our farms will be outlined in the Telegram group so be sure to join to get the latest updates The farms will be robust and include single asset, and a combination of the fund LP tokens as well.

Next week, between August 23rd — 30th, we will be launching the DAO framework and the highly anticipated GAME Fund.

After that, between August 30th — September 6th, we will be releasing the NFT Fund and onboard the mighty WSB Fund, bridging mainstream crypto and Robinhooders into the BiShares brand.

Following that, we have our DEX and FOMO fund launch, as well as our custom NFTs.

These dates are not set in stone but rather, give a good outline into our fund progression as we start to onboard other IDO platforms and DEX’s that have been keen to see how our launch has been. As you all know, the BiShares team is highly motivated and cares about this ecosystem and success to the highest extent.

You can find us in Telegram if you have any questions regarding the next weeks of development.

BiShares are BSC decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETF’s) for safe crypto diversification