Post Audit Update and Launch Options

Building Rome didn’t go without its speed bumps, and building BiShares certainly has proven to be no different. After the successful IAO by ApeSwap, we were presented with a short waiting period for the audits from three companies: Gordian, Solidity, and DefiYield.

Two of the three got back as fast as they could. The third, Solidity, came back mid-audit and was too backlogged to effectively audit in time. After further review, the team has decided to commission an audit to Certik.

Before the audits, the platform was tested several times on testnet and it was fully functioning and ready for deployment. After receiving the relatively easy upgrades that needed to be completed for the audit recommendations, we proceeded to test again on testnet.

We started to run into BSCscan issues at this point. All but one of the contracts verified flawlessly. The contract that cannot be verified is where we are challenged and need to bring this issue to the attention of the community to see how they want to move forward.

It’s important to note that according to the audit report by DeFiYield, the corrected issue has a medium severity level and would not cause financial loss.

Some major market cap projects run with unverified contracts such as OpenSea. So we can deploy as is or wait for BSCscan to communicate with us and pinpoint the issue. At this point, dealing with BSCscan is a lengthy process and does not happen in the timeframe we all want it to be completed in.

Over the past several days we have been reviewing the code and looking at alternative ways to launch without making code changes that would require a re-audit. We have engaged the core devs of Apeswap and other high end wizard devs in our network to find the fastest solution that enables us to launch safely.

We are also announcing a bug bounty of 500 $BISON for any dev from the community who can help us find a solution. Blockchain devs who experienced similar issues should send their suggestions to the TG channel. The ones who offer the most relevant solutions will be given access to the repository, and if successful, rewarded.

So, we are ready to launch, but with 95% firing correctly. We will leave it up to the community to vote on whether they want to launch or not. The DAO has also been delayed as it needs to be rolled out simultaneously with the contract deployment. There is no time frame we can possibly give, as this is not in our hands now if we do not launch, we are at the fate of BSCscan communication. That being said, this issue could be fixed in five minutes or two weeks.

The BiShares team is as eager to deploy as anyone, but caution here has been issued and we look forward to the start of building with our community and launching the best funds quickly and safely. We hope our transparency and honesty builds trust and genuine collaboration as we forge forward with the launch date.

BiShares are BSC decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETF’s) for safe crypto diversification