Oct 21, 2021

3 min read

Paçoca simplifies portfolio tracking!

Ola to the herd! How’s your FOMO feeling today? We have something sweet for you! We’ve been salivating over here, waiting to share the deliciousness that is Paçoca. Oh no, we’re not talking about the delectable Brazilian candy made out of ground peanuts, sugar and salt. This Paçoca refers to yet another amazing treat in our BiShares FOMO Fund. This project is a portfolio manager where users can track their DeFi assets, invest in smart vaults with compounding yields, and trade tokens at the best rates using the decentralized exchange aggregator. We told you it was sweet!

This multichain platform was cultivated to optimize the experience of DeFi users in the ecosystem by providing a broad and centralized view of assets staked across different projects in EVM-based blockchains.

Like the Brazilian treat it’s been named after, Paçoca is made up of 3 main parts: The DeFi Dashboard, Sweet Vaults and The Exchange. Now let’s dissect this delicious treat, shall we?

The Peanuts: DeFi Dashboard

The Sugar: Sweet Vaults

Sweet vaults were created as a sweet way to optimize your rewards and maximize your profits. By enhancing the current yield strategy to synergize with Pacoca’s existing pools, Sweet Vaults can sustainably raise the annual percentage yield of any pool, maximizing your profit potential through farming your favorite coins. Sweet Vaults are constantly increasing the value of Pacoca as converting the staked token rewards into Pacoca brings on endless buying pressure.

The Salt: The Exchange

The native token for the platform, PACOCA has many uses, in both the short and long scope of things. This token allows for governance, auto compounding vaults, and portfolio exclusive features.

The PACOCA Token is currently listed at $0.31. At the moment, it has 53,841,040 tokens in circulation with a max supply of 100 million tokens. Out of that supply, 60% has been allocated to farming, 15% to development with vesting, 8% allocated to IFO, 4% to airdrops (2 total), 5% marketing and partnerships and finally, 2% allocated to initial liquidity.

PACOCA’s market cap is $16,766,970. The token reached its ATH of $0.50 on October 12 and its ATL of $0.03 on July 20.

Having completed the governance on the roadmap, the entire Pacoca community is a part of the team, allowing token holders and investors the ability to participate in key decision making, contributing to the future of this yummy platform. Voting is super easy and completely free of token and gas fees. No charge for baking so long as you steer clear of cavities!

In an effort to tackle Paçoca’s mission of increasing user participation in the DeFi world, the platform has created an easily accessible experience offering a bird-eye, all-encompassing view of portfolios across several DeFi protocols. This sweet spot ensures users can reap the benefits of these decentralized dapps without wasting any time. De-LISH.

We told you we were salivating. Did this spike your blood sugar? Well get on over to the FOMO Fund and take a taste of this delicious project for yourself!