LiquidDriver drives it’s way to BiShares

3 min readNov 26, 2021


The Fantom Fund is heating up even more with yet another amazing project within the ecosystem, Liquid Driver. This platform has been developed to provide on-demand liquidity on the Fantom Opera Chain. The platform aims to bring more utility, rewards, and long-term benefits to users.

This platform is a pioneer on the chain, as Fantom’s first liquidity mining dApp that provides liquidity-as-a-service. Liquid Driver offers staking features, a vault strategy, a revenue-sharing vault, the xLQDR token (a yield-producing vested version of LQDR), a lottery, and the development of leveraged farming.

The platform is well on its way to success, having already launched V2 by partnering with 3 major DEXs on Fantom: SpiritSwap, SpookySwap, and WakaFinance. Through Liquid Driver, users can take their SpiritSwap, SpookySwap or their WakaSwap LPs and get additional APR on top of what they’re already paying. Pretty great right?

Liquid Driver has broken down their clear concise goals of each partnership on their docs:


  1. Increase the TVL on SpiritSwap while giving more utility to LQDR holders
  2. Long-term goal to reduce the inflation required to incentivize new LPs
  3. Build a relationship of continuous value + benefits for users


  1. Drive liquidity where it’s needed for SpookySwap
  2. Provide xLQDR Holders with weekly yields in $BOO
  3. Collaborate for long-term growth in the $FTM ecosystem


  1. Drive more liquidity for WakaFinance
  2. Provide weekly yields for xLQDR holders with WAKA
  3. Leverage Waka’s future developments (e.g. lending/borrowing)
  4. Unlock continuous growth & value together on Fantom

So how does it all work exactly? What users do is create an LP on whichever DEX they prefer and then bring them over to Liquid Driver and deposit them. By doing so, users are paid several different returns, including the APR for the trading fees in addition to

The platform’s token, LQDR, is currently listed at $4.10. Currently the token doesn’t have a max supply, however this might in the future change according to the team. Steadily on the rise, this token hit its all-time high of $14.44 on October 8 with its all-time low over two months ago at $0.31.

LiquidDriver focuses on providing sustainably high annual percentage yield for liquidity providers over a long-term investment period. Liquid Driver focuses on continuing to increase the value and utility of its token to be able to grow the total locked value even more while incentivizing user’s participation within the protocol. Through the advancement of the platform, a more effective way to link TVL growth with user rewards has been developed, as opposed to lotteries and initial buyback and burn. By introducing xLQDR, a high-yield vested version of the LQDR token. xLQDR maximizes returns for long-term users and locks the supply away.

The future looks very bright for Liquid Driver as it makes plans for leveraged farming with unidirectional liquidation, liquidity bootstrapping for options and insurance coverage, as well as the integration of more blue chips DeFi and native Fantom projects.

Liquid Driver is far from done in making its mark in the Fantom Opera ecosystem as well as the DeFi sphere as a whole. BiShares is thrilled to watch its success unravel. Go check out the FTM Fund to see for yourself!




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