Landshare Makes the BiShares FOMO Fund

Who’s got FOMO?! Well the BiShares FOMO Fund is about to rattle you with a bounty of exciting, high-stake opportunities. These high flyers are sure to bring some excitement to your wallets!

A huge development in the sphere of blockchain has been the move into the world of real estate. Imagine a tokenized plot of land where your land becomes a fully liquidized asset. Buy, sell or trade straight from your wallet. Beyond that, this is an opportunity to collect rent and the ability to grow your investment. Sounds pretty neat right?

Let us introduce Landshare, the uniquely lucrative yet stable platform that bridges real-world real estate aspects with yield farming features. This platform sees the importance of sustainable yields for gain in the DeFi ecosystem, deriving value from real opportunity, not hype and speculation.

Anyone interested in some real estate? Well whether you have a background in it, a desire to expand your DeFi assets, or simply just want to learn a new area of the space, Landshare is the perfect space to explore. Landshare offers the chance to invest in tokenized assets as well as earn in house flipping, appreciation, and rental properties. On top of that, Landshare also offers the typical DeFi features such as token staking, stablecoin vaults, governance, and a utility token.

Landshare’s platform was built by Lead Blockchain developer and CEO Jordan Friske. Friske is proficient in Solidity smart contract development and dApp implementation using Web3 and React. He’s been coding for over 10 years and comes with a wealth of knowledge. In an AMA this July, Friske explained the motivation behind the platform as a means to bring real estate to the DeFi space while offering a solution for it that goes well beyond simply buying and selling assets. He instead wanted to offer a full-fledged DeFi platform that is accessible for people who aren’t normally interested in real estate or perhaps do not have the funds to invest.

In short? Landshare gives pretty much everyone the opportunity to burn yields based on real estate assets. Are you ready to rush to the buyer’s market as yet?

The platform uses a utility token called Landshare Token (LAND) which is used as a reward for staking. Purchasing and holding these tokens allows investors to gain fractional ownership over real-world properties. The Property Vault is a stablecoin vault that allows stakers to receive BUSD and Landshare token rewards for a combined average APR of 30–50%. I mean who doesn’t love a dual reward system?

The supply cap for the Landshare Token is 10 million. 10% of the tokens were allocated to the seed round, with a little under 2% going to Seedify Presale, and 1.5% to Superlauncher IDO. Additionally, 15% were allocated for the team, 5% for the advisors and 0.75% in locked liquidity.

At the moment there are 507,091 tokens in circulation with a total supply of 4 million and a max supply of 10 million tokens. Its current market cap is $1.4 million USD. Landshare has been quite stable since the platform’s launch, reaching its ATH of $5.62 on August 18 and its ATL of $1.59 on September 8.

Come on, tell us your FOMO isn’t buzzing by now! Here’s an opportunity for investors to experience a land of opportunity and wealth… pun intended! Regardless of the way technology moves, real estate will remain a staple asset class for its solid returns and reliability with blockchain opening up a whole world of eager global investors. To us, the future looks bright, afterall the grass is always greener on the decentralized side!

We see exciting developments in the future of Landshare and know it will be a solid token with high volatility in our FOMO Fund!

BiShares are BSC decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETF’s) for safe crypto diversification