JustYours adds spice to BiShares

3 min readNov 23, 2021


Anyone feeling a bit frisky for some fun within the Fantom Fund? A little online eye candy perhaps? Imagine an Only Fans platform, but with a decentralized twist. Afterall, who wants to share their sensitive data and downtime with the centralized world? Well then this platform is JustYours! By leveraging Fantom’s decentralized ecosystem and Web3 wallets, the platform JustYours can ensure total user anonymity. Take a browse, enjoy yourself, and log off with peace of mind.

Adult entertainment meets blockchain. Sounds like a nodes of fun!

The platform’s mainstay is the content creator feed. Similar to your typical social media feed, JustYours will offer all your subscribed content in chronological order allowing for easily digestable content.

Though we’ve seen several different projects with a similar mission out there in the metaverse, this is the only one which has had a bluechip foundation with the backing of major investors and connections in the space. The platform has been built with heavy market research and long term planning ensuring it will outperform competitors and not fall down the same pitfalls they did. JustYours is a new class of online adult entertainment — every step of their planning has been made to ensure they are the Rolls Royce of the industry.

The reality is that the Adult Entertainment industry thrives when merchants and their customers trade discreetly. Customers don’t typically want to leave behind a trail of personal details pertaining to their naughty little secrets. If it’s whips, cuffs, and chains you’re after, the blockchain ties you up in anonymity. A trader or investor in the streets but a crypto freak in the sheets!

Though users can browse content freely, JustYours uses the KYC method for content creators. Why exactly? In keeping with the professional standards of the platform, JustYours actively works to prevent issues of underage content creators. New customers looking to be onboarded must provide the following: full name, address, date of birth, government issued photo ID, a selfie holding said ID, country, and current social media (either Twitter or Instagram).

The platform is built on the Fantom Opera blockchain as it is best suited for JustYours’ ethical and technical needs. It is fast, economical and eco friendly making it the perfect place to launch their native token $JUST, which can be used to pay for the assortment of services on the website.

The platform’s utility token, $JUST, incentivizes content creators who take part in the platform due to the fact it is technically an investment and the token’s value can increase as the project grows. Holders of the JUST token are put into the hodlers rewards pool, the pool receives 3.1% of content creators sales on the JustYours platform and rewards are distributed based on the amount of tokens one holds. The more $JUST they hold, the more rewards.

The JUST token is at about $0.07 at the time of writing. The token hit its ATH on October 28th reaching $0.15. There is a total supply of 696,969,696.969 JUST… wink wink!

JustYours was founded by a seasoned Chief Technology Officer with a high level of passion for customer satisfaction. This passion has been a catalyst to bring on other senior business leadership and developers. So far they have demonstrated that the team takes every business decision seriously and everything is carefully thought out, with their team ensuring vital connections with industry leaders, talent and partners are being made during their current Beta phase to set the main launch up for high levels of success.

So if you’re looking for a good time, JustYours is ready and waiting for you! Don’t worry, nobody needs to know thanks to the Fantom’s decentralized ecosystem and JustYours’ dedication to anonymity, security and privacy. Get freaky Fantom fans and enjoy BiShare’s fund!

To learn more about JustYours be sure to check out their social media accounts as well as visit their Telegram and Discord for direct contact with team members and holders who can answer any questions you may have.




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