Gaur.Money Post Mortem and future plans

So what happened?

Gaur.Money is a fork of Tomb.Finance, a popular project running on Fantom. Since Tomb is at a 1:1 peg of FTM and Gaur is pegged at a 1000:1 ratio to ETH, our team looked at several other Tomb forks that applied the same principles. Our dev team made notes on the section of code that deals with expansion limiters and was sent for review from our CTO and other devs. In a human error, our team completely removed the differences causing the expansion limiter to be removed too. The code acted as it should and kept minting the correct amount of Gaur without the limiter causing a huge emission of tokens.

What’s next

After the incident we have been reviewing the code along with other projects who have reached out including one of the original Tomb founders who designed the tokenomics for Tomb Finance. We have decided to relaunch the project with a generous compensation plan for all those who were affected until a certain point.


The relaunch will take place during the first week of January after we have finished modifying the code, running a new test with 100 epochs on testnet, peer review and consulting with experts who have reached out. As stated one of the tokenomics designers of Tomb is involved with our relaunch and we are thankful for his expertise. The launch sequence will be modified to build a better liquidity position before the boardroom opens. After the Genesis pool, the Gaur-ETH farm will be opened, this will allow us to build healthy liquidity and lessen volatility. After a week the farms which reward GShare will open and some time later the boardroom. This will allow the project to be less prone to volatility. The initial 28 epochs will have an expansion limit of 4.5% of the circulating supply. We will build back and stronger!


Compensation will be a two fold process which includes both Gaur and GShare tokens.


  • Snapshot of addresses within 1 week
  • Relaunch during the first days of January 2022
  • Airdrop aprox 1/2 weeks after re-launch
  • 3% supply of GShare distributed over 12 months



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