Featuring MATE limit orders DEX!

Have you ever dreamed of an exchange where you could have all the benefits of the centralized world, avoiding extra slippage and fees, all while in the comfort of decentralized finance? Well the FOMO Fund strikes again with the answer to that exact dream!

Meet Mate, mates…

Mate is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that allows traders to maximize their trade returns through limit orders. These orders guarantee trade execution without needing to risk their assets through unpredictable slippage. No one likes the hassle of unpredictable prices. Mate gives users the opportunity to trade without the stress of slippage.

How is Mate changing the space? Well seeing as most DEXs only deal with market orders, unpredictable prices and slippage is inevitable. On the other hand, there are DEXs out there that do offer limit orders, but they also involve low liquidity or partial or no execution at all. That’s where Mate has stepped in, as a means to revolutionize limit orders. How so exactly? MATE allows users to make limit orders with zero slippage and enough liquidity for any amount.

Magic right? Let’s break that magic down a bit. Mate users select a token to price, sell, or trade and submits it into the smart contract. From there, executor nodes monitor the token price as well as other markets. Once the market conditions match what is required, the platform executes orders on the Automated Market Maker. This is used as a liquidity source. By executing at the right possible moment, Mate ensures your slippage and AMM fees are all covered.

The executor nodes solve a huge problem of loss by essentially giving you the best possible trading experience as a CEX would, except through the magic of trading on a DEX. These limit orders can completely revolutionize your trading experience, reducing your losses all while being the meticulous eyes you need to prevent those unpredictable price impacts.

Yes, we know it all sounds too good to be decentralized. Well don’t worry, Mate is 100% decentralized! There is no sharing or storing of personal data for third parties.

Mate’s features are clear, efficient, and successful. Trade. Limit order. Earn. No fluff or extra nonsense. Trade tokens without slippage or feels. Open a position with limit orders. Earn through staking and providing liquidity.

The native token to Mate is known as $MATE. It is currently listed at $0.20. The token has an approximate Market Cap of $841,000. At the moment, MATE has a Circulating Supply of 4,081,731. The token hit its All-Time High 2 months ago on August 20 at $0.82.

There is a Total Supply of 100 million MATE tokens. 60% has been allocated to liquidity mining & staking reward, 15% to the team with a 3 year vesting, 11.5% to the treasury, 3.5% to marketing and growth and 10% to partnerships and investors.

MATE is a governance token and can be earned through rewards for staking as well as for providing liquidity. The token gains its traction from a 0.2% fee that is collected from all executed limit orders as a reward for executor nodes. Not bad at all.

On top of having such low fees, Mate offers the chance for refunds! For users who stake their MATE, 0.05% will be rewarded as xMate, a token participants receive in the single asset pool.

Mate was developed by an anonymous group of developers and traders who like us, are looking to get the most out of their DeFi trades! No more slippage once you slip into the FOMO Fund and see all that Mate has to offer!

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