Oct 8, 2021

2 min read

Buckle up as BiShares Enters Fantom with Major DEX Partnership

As of the last article, BiShares made the bold move to go multi-chain and chose Fantom as the first chain expansion besides BSC, as part of an aggressive growth strategy to service as many token communities and chains as possible. Today we are confident to announce the BiShares community we have achieved a partnership with a major Fantom DEX that will be announced next week as the expansion plans rollout with Fantom’s first dETF offering.

This brave move comes at a time when the Fantom community is just getting started with a great growth trajectory. The Founders see this expansion to have a major impact on the expansion of dETFs and the BiShares ecosystem. We will be the first project to offer such a robust product on Fantom.


DeFiYield has returned the preliminary Audit with minor issues to fix. Once updated they will release the full audit. Solidity is still in processing.


Some farms will be expiring today, but we have already added additions to still get yield. Including a BUSD reward farm by staking BNB-BISON. Which will initially last for 30 days.

YBF’s - Yield Bearing Funds

One of the most innovative and complex features we are working on are the yield bearing funds, which will use a vault compounding model. Multiple LP tokens will be zapped from BNB and transferred to multiple farms, with a synthetic fund token generated that will represent the stake in the vaults. The yield will be compounded with predetermined intervals. A fee will be charged on the yield at the point of harvest, and converted into BISON to generate additional buy pressure. The result will be a fund that creates multiple LP tokens for different farms on different platforms, providing convenience, diversification and yield. The burn mechanism will reproduce the process in reverse, so users will receive a greater amount of BNB.

Yield bearing funds will have different levels of risk and reward, allowing users to use pre-determined farming strategies in just a couple of clicks.


Please check the updated roadmap below. You may notice that the dates ahead on our roadmap aren’t fixed. We are working at full throttle to keep delivering products for our community. Remember Twitter and Telegram are your go to keep updated on everything!