BiShares beta v0.1 dETF APP is LIVE!

Let the diversification begin! With a few clicks you will be able to diversify in the biT10 fund, which gives exposure to the top 10 BSC tokens. Your biT10 grows as the pool grows, stakers will get 0.5% biT10 or other fund token when we launch staking. The app is available at

We are also proud to announce the launch of our partner fund, the APE FUND, which holds the top tokens from the APE SWAP ecosystem! Please do note that the selection and weightings for this fund were selected exclusively by the APE Team. We are super pumped that the ApeSwap team has selected $BISON to include in its fund at an above average % weighting! We are humbled and proud to now be a big part of the apes! With this weighting, $BISON is poised to have amazing buy pressure as we continue to launch more and more dETFs with bigly partners.

The Ape Fund selection and weightings will be launching next week and the underlying tokens in the fund will be released to the public shortly.

Please do note that the biT10 launch is a beta launch. Although all contracts are functioning fine, the front end will be getting upgrades daily with lots of bells and whistles this week. BiShares is a community driven platform and DAO, thus any errors or suggestions you find, please let us know in the TG group! Once we get through this initial fund launch, the rest will be super fast and straightforward and the DAO will start to be implemented.

There will be a follow-up article in some hours which explains the delay over the last couple weeks. Stay strong, stay proud — Herds grow fast together!



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BiShares is a multi-chain project which offers decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETF’s) for safe crypto diversification